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Beach Access at Ko Olina Resort Impossible

Hawaii has a Open Beach Access law that provides the public access to “all” Hawaii beaches. But over the years different land owners have done there very best to make it very hard for Hawaii residents to get access to some of the premium beach locations.

Over the past month my family and I have tried no less than 10 times to gain access to the public beach at the private resort Ko Olina.  In order to get access you gain entry to the resort by showing a ID to the resort gate sentry and then proceed to the highly limited public parking area.  But over the last two months we have tried multiple times to go to that beach but have been turned away at the gate.  On Sunday I pulled off the road from the entrance and we watched as Ko Olina Resort security turned away 23 cars in a row.

Something is really amiss at Ko Olina. While I know the beach is popular turning away that many people, including us time after time makes me wonder if they do not have a internal policy that has been put in place making to make it harder for the public to gain access. You used to be able to at least scout the parking lot and wait in your car until someone left. But they are not even allowing this. Plus with the number of signs warning people they will be towed if they park anyplace but the designated public parking spots shows they are play hard ball and more games being played. If they would have really wanted to work with the public they would have allocated more parking.

As a resident of Hawaii at this point I feel my rights are being violated and that the Ko Olina resort has some explaining to do.

Even sadder most of the public beaches in the Kapolei area have been over-run by homeless, and personally its pretty sad when I do not feel it safe to take my family to some of the other beaches in Hawaii that are not located on private resorts.

Life and Death the never Ending Cycle

Shortly after my grandfathers death my 97 soon to be 98 year grandmother started to slip fast. Like couples who have spent literally a lifetime together this was no surprise.

Early last month Grandma joined Grandpa and they now are both in a better place looking down on us seeing the things health had prevented them from seeing for so long.

In my moms latest podcast over on CherieCast.com she talks about feeling a weight being lifted when grandma passed and while the event was sad the experience she had with the weight lifting from her really caused some chicken skin when she told me about it.

I still have my grandparents on my dads side, and at my age that is a pretty amazing feat considering that I am fast approaching 45.

Going Home

Today is a sad day, but one that we have known for a week or more that my grandfather Urias Boyd age 99 was close to going home. This evening at about 7pm EST the lord called him home. He is now in a better place. His passing was a peaceful one at home in his sleep.

Very few people my age still have Grandparents. I am very thankful that I have three still living. My father’s parents are still living and my mom’s mother is still with us.

I will post a full bibliography and the video I captured earlier this year as he talked about his life. I am thankful to have those tapes to be able to pass on to my kids and future generations within our family.

I am sure he has scored himself a package of RedMan chewing tobacco and him and that my dad is showing him around heaven.

Hawaii Populace Defeats Con Con and Rail is On!

I suppose I should not be surprised. This state is so controlled by the Unions and special interest groups that Con Con did not stand a chance.  Because those organizations knew that a Constitutional Convention for Hawaii would have allowed  the people to make sweeping changes that would loosen their stranglehold on this state.

Sadly the people in this state want more of the same. While the rest of the nation has voted for a new mandate with the election of Obama as President this state continues to sink further into more of the same.

The rail measure which my wife supported, and I opposed has passed, and now I am going to have to figure out how much my taxes are going to continue to go up to pay for the 7 billion dollar rail project.

Between the new President and this State Anti Business stance, I will be lucky if I have enough money left to buy toilet paper after they get done taxing the living hell out of us.

My accountant has already told me before the election if things played out tonight they way it has we will have to look at things very closely as the forthcoming business tax increases will likely cause me to have to re-think doing business any longer in this state.

Today some layoffs happened locally as business owners are preparing for the hit to their bottom line when Uncle Sam comes calling in 2009 to take more of our money away. Simply a sad night for the state of Hawaii. People here will someday learn that they have go against the flow once in a while.

Hawaii Keeps it’s Circuit City

The list of 155 Circuit City Stores closures came out today. The store here in Hawaii was not on the list. Ever since the closure of CompUSA last year the places where consumers can buy computer electronics goods has continued to narrow. Luckily we missed the bullet. Not sure it would have made a difference as I cannot remember the last time I shopped in the local store.

Powerful Testimony by Iraq Veteran

This is a powerful message and one that should not be taken lightly. When Senator Barney Franks says the first thing he is gonna do is cut defense spending by 30% if Obama is elected is reason enough to ask where Obamas priorities lay.

Why I Hate Hawaii General Excise Tax

For the past three years I have had to write the state of Hawaii a big fat check… That check is for General Excise Tax.. But what is so very painful is that the only reason I have to pay it is that I Live in Hawaii is my Business is registered here.

But here is the thing that pisses me off 99.999999% of the business I do is outside the state of Hawaii. Every check I receive comes from a company in the mainland. 100% of the money that I expend is also spent outside the state of Hawaii.

So because I live here I get screwed. The choice I have is simple. Close the business here in Hawaii and move it to the mainland this would result in me keeping literally thousands upon thousands of dollars in my pocket.

The state of Hawaii does not help me with my business. The residents of Hawaii get no benefit of my business here. I do no business with companies in the state of Hawaii. But because I live here and choose to work from home my company is sucked dry each quarter by paying the state.

I don’t think it’s fair. If I was doing business locally and had local clients then I understand, but for anyone that has clients and companies they do business with in the mainland exclusively then having your business registered in the state of Hawaii will cost you a pile of money. Don’t so it.

The liberal policies of this state is anti-business unless you have a company thats employees are part of a union.

To top it off it looks like Obama is gonna be elected and because of his plans I am looking at significantly larger Tax bill when his policies are put in place. It’s really to bad people have forgotten what Jimmy Carter did to this country and it looks like history is set to repeat itself.

Yes we are in Escrow

After 300 Plus homes and several false alarms I think we have found what both my wife and I consider to be an acceptable home. All I can say is thank goodness the hard part is over.

The house needs no work, we are pretty sure no termites and it will make a perfect place to entertain guest and not have to run the A/C 24/7 as it is at one of the highest points in Honolulu and is a corner single level home with 1600 square feet of space and I am pretty excited about moving.

Getting through escrow will be the fun part, the sooner the better

My 9-11 Experience looking back

The morning of 9–11–2001 started by my mom phoning me and telling me to turn on the TV. It was still very early here in Hawaii. I was wide awake in about 10 seconds. It was not another minute or so when the second plane hit.

I told my wife a minute or two later to start packing my suitcase and I called work. As would be expected the base was on lock down already, and only essential people were being let in. I was essential so I got dressed pretty fast and got in the car and speed to work.

I think the next time I saw my wife was two days later, and I was only home to pick up my suitcase.

While I cannot talk about much that happened after that, or where I went, what I did, or what I saw. I can say that the missions and the flying will have memories that will last me a life time.

While I am no longer out doing what I do the best, I am proud to have done it while I did, and look back at my 24 years of active duty service with a lot of pride and look forward to the next phase of my life.

But until my next phase in life starts I am going to enjoy some down time re-charge my batteries. Meanwhile for those of you on the front lines go kick some ass, take some names and don’t ever let those evil bastards do this to our country ever again.

To those that protest about the war you better wake the hell up and remember that most of these fanatics don’t care if you protest all they want is you and your families dead.

Honolulu Super Ferry Fiasco

Over the past two weeks a very small group of protesters have brought to a halt the operations the new Honolulu Super Ferry. The protesters were able to ram rod a court decision that is doing nothing but serving the old guard transportation companies like Matson.

The Honolulu Super Ferry met every state guideline and rule required and yet for the first time a shipping company is being required to get an environmental impact study completed when they have the most green and advanced ship in our harbors.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see the ongoing political games that are going on here. This state is beyond anti-business. Being a business owner it shakes my resolve and confidence in a already over taxed and over regulated atmosphere.

If I were the Honolulu Super Ferry I would flip the legislature, the governor and the citizens of Hawaii the bird and leave. The impact would resonate for years and business here would be crippled.

If they resolve to stay then every company small or large that wants to open up shop here needs to be held to the same standard. See how long companies like Matson, Hawaiian Airlines and others would stay in business if they were required to do a environmental impact for every new ship or aircraft they put in service here in Hawaii.

Seeing how the folks in Maui and Kauai don’t want ships in their harbors, well lets see how loud they squeal when all shipping is halted into their island harbors while environmental studies are undertaken on every other vessel coming into their ports.

One week with no gasoline, no fresh milk or vegetables and other supplies and I can guarantee the small minority of liberal fanatics would shut their traps. When the power plants ran out of oil because of no deliveries, then those protesting can live with nature, by contributing to the environment their human waste as the sewage processing plants over flow with non processed sewage. Let them bury their garbage as well, as their will be no fuel for the garbage trucks.

This states legislatures, and annoited court judges all have failed this state in a significant way, and if the Honolulu Super Ferry leaves It will be their collective fault.