I suppose I should not be surprised. This state is so controlled by the Unions and special interest groups that Con Con did not stand a chance.  Because those organizations knew that a Constitutional Convention for Hawaii would have allowed  the people to make sweeping changes that would loosen their stranglehold on this state.

Sadly the people in this state want more of the same. While the rest of the nation has voted for a new mandate with the election of Obama as President this state continues to sink further into more of the same.

The rail measure which my wife supported, and I opposed has passed, and now I am going to have to figure out how much my taxes are going to continue to go up to pay for the 7 billion dollar rail project.

Between the new President and this State Anti Business stance, I will be lucky if I have enough money left to buy toilet paper after they get done taxing the living hell out of us.

My accountant has already told me before the election if things played out tonight they way it has we will have to look at things very closely as the forthcoming business tax increases will likely cause me to have to re-think doing business any longer in this state.

Today some layoffs happened locally as business owners are preparing for the hit to their bottom line when Uncle Sam comes calling in 2009 to take more of our money away. Simply a sad night for the state of Hawaii. People here will someday learn that they have go against the flow once in a while.