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Archive for November, 2005

I am trying to collect as many pictures as I can of the Podcast Awards Ceremony if you have any please point me at them as the photographers had trouble as the crowd was so close to the podium.. Please e-mail to podcast@podcastconnect.com

Thanks Todd

Leo Laporte showing of his Heil PR40 Microphone!

The Microphone we awarded to Adam Curry and Leo Laporte was the Heil PR40, both Adam and Leo have praised the sound quality. This microphone won a cool stuff award at the NAB

I wanted to pick something really special and my friend Paul Figgiani over at Podcastrigs.com sold me on the purchase. It is a great dynamic mike for under $400.00 we purchased the mount for them also which was another $75.00


Todd and Andrew before Podcast Award Ceremony

Podcast Connect Inc my company was the organizer for the 2005 People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Our Platinum Sponsor StreetIQ.com representative Andrew Coffey was on hand to present.

Other sponsors included KYOURadio.com, Wiley Publishing, TNC Media and host of other companies that gave prizes and cash.


Dawn and Drew accepting their Podcast Award!


Leo Laporte People’s Choice Podcaster of the Year

Leo Laporte accepting his Podcast Award from Andrew.


Can I first of all say it has been a hell of a year. First the book deal “Podcasting The Do it Yourself Guide” happily it has sold a boat load of copies and still selling well five months later. A huge year at Techpodcasts.com with meeting my motto Podcasters do the Work Podcasters get paid being managed by Podcast Connect.

To top it off 5 months of hard work and the team at RawVoice launch Podcaster News Network. Pretty busy year and the year is not finished yet.


Adam Curry receives Podcast Award

I did the announcing while our Platinum Sponsor StreeetIQ.com handed out the prizes. Adam was great said a few words and he loves the microphone that he was given.


Podcast Awards Ceremony

The Podcast Awards which I dreamed up, and ran this year came down to handing out about $4500.00 in cash and prizes. This picture does not show everything that was on the table. But I think between checks, trophies, visa gift cards, microphones we handed about $4000.00 worth of stuff out in about 20 minutes. Lots of fun and the fund raising for next year starts shortly


Podcast News Network


This year has been beyond unbelivable with the explosion of Podcasting and everything that I have been involved with this is one of my newest projects that myself and a great team have put together. In fact we started a new company to support the project the company is called Raw Voice which can be found at www.rawvoice.com but you will want to check out the Podcaster News Network their is nothing else like it in exsistence today.