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Archive for July, 2006

No Honor!

If the guy depicted in the linked video is indeed a Marine trying to escape duty in Afghanistan he needs to be brought up under charges under the UCMJ. This makes me really angry. The military is a volunteer force, and I have proudly served for 23 years, to see this makes my stomach turn. This is a insult to the 100’s of thousands of service members that live by the motto, Honor, Courage, Commitment. I hope the Marine Corps finds this guy and throws the book at him. [video.google.com]

The official Launch of Blubrry.com

My team at RawVoice worked some long nights to get the site ready and we were able to launch it in front of about 400 people at Gnomedex, really cool to actually be able to cut a site loose during a mainstream conference. [Flickr Pics] Thanks to Derek Miller for taking the Pics

Crazy Summer Months

Things have been beyond out of control. I was in Vegas in early June to speak to some educators, then I was home a few weeks and then off to Gnomedex for a great weekend. At the same time as Gnomedex we launched our newest flagship social podcasting site called Blubrry at Blubrry.com to top it off I have had college class finals and all of the other craziness that normally accompanies summer.

Anyway all is fun here in Hawaii and I am actually going to take a mini vacation in a few weeks 10 days off or so to unplug and recharge the batteries. Here is a picture of me and a great music artist at Gnomedex. Be sure to check out our new site as well.

Oh yea and I still have a day Job 🙂