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Archive for August, 2004

In June while I was in recovery from my Spinal injury I hired a Web Designer to help us clean up the code on Geek News Central to optimize it for MT version 3 and to develop a skin for this site. I paid a $280.00 advance on work to be completed. To make a long story short the web developer cleaned this site up and then provided me some images of what he had in mind for a skin for the other site. I approved one of the images and he then promised to get it chopped up into CSS and put up on the website.

Make a long story short he quit before he finished. I think it may have had something to do with the political views on the other site but if my views where not obvious in the beginning he must have been blind. At this point I am awaiting a return of 1/2 of the money I paid him. I am sure I will get it but this guy is struggling “Artist” in New York and it will probably be a long time before I will see it.

I think the thing that pisses me off the most is this. At the time the developer was out of work I figured hey he needs some work and I have a small project and this could work out for both of us he earns some money while unemployed and I get a skin from someone that appears capable of doing original work. He gets a real job during the design of the skin and quits working on the project and then claims he has no time when he is already 90% finished.

Meanwhile I have a site that still needs a skin and I am very gun shy now on who I will hire. So are you a web designer that finishes what you start?

I highly recommend that you avoid AnziDesign as this supposed designer/artist cannot be relied upon to complete a project that he has agreed to start.

This is the skin we went with fearing this was the best he could come up with. This was as far as he got when he welched on the job.


This is the first design my so called Artist web designer came up with. Obviously he was trying to be funny as I rejected it after 3 seconds of looking at it.


Web Designer for new Todd Blog skin quits

I am awaiting a refund on some of the money I used to pay a web designer to build a skin for this site and fix some issues on Geek News. Thus I am in the market for a web designer again. If you are a good web designer I have some JPG’s of the ideas that the old developer put forth before he quit that I would like put to use. Let me know as soon as possible if you would like to do that and only contact me if you can complete the work.