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Archive for May, 2005

Podcasting The Do it Yourself Guide


This is a major milestone in one’s life and should be cherished but things are happening so fast that I can hardly keep up but I am going to enjoy it while I can.

You can find more info on my tech website and here is the link to the book on Amazon

If you want to help me out you can buy the book through my Amazon link on the Geek News Central website To Schedule an Interview with me contact geek@geeknewscentral.com. I will also be at Gnomdex in June. Our Podcast number 64 talking about the details leading up to the books release is available now Here is the press release from the publisher


CONTACT: Johanna Wahl

Do It Yourself Guide

It’s like TiVo for audio programming. Podcasting, one of the newest crazes to hit the online world, enables subscribers to listen to audio content anytime, anywhere on their personal MP3 player, computer, or even cell phone. All they need to do is download some free software and sign up to receive automatic downloads of their favorite internet broadcasts be it music, news, or talk. Podcasting pushes content out to subscribers, providing them with continuous access to updated audio content of all kinds. Where does this content come from? It just so happens anyone can create his or her own podcast. PODCASTING: Do It Yourself Guide (Wiley; June 2005; $19.99), part of the ExtremeTech series, shows readers not only how to find, download, and listen to podcasts, but also how to create a podcast of their own.

Armed with a basic knowledge of PCs, weblogs, the Internet, and a copy of PODCASTING: Do It Yourself Guide, readers can become the hosts of their own radio-style show. Step-by-step instructions explain

-Creating a podcast with just a PC or Mac
-Building a more professional recording studio
-Integrating on-air phone calls, interviews, music and more
-Dealing with copyright, music ownership, creative commons, and RIAA issues
-Integrating advertising into broadcasts
-Hosting and distributing podcasts
-Understanding the geeky stuff RSS, XML and Enclosures

Podcasting has taken the online world by storm, and even some traditional radio stations have begun to experiment with delivering their content using this technology. But is doesn’t take a professional to create a podcast. PODCASTING: Do It Yourself Guide puts the power of broadcasting into the hands of anyone who feels they have something to say.

Todd Cochrane (Honolulu, HI) is the owner and host of Geek News Central, a popular technology news hub and weblog that serves more than 250,000 weekly visitors. Always on the cutting edge, Todd’s podcasts, which began in Oct 2004, were among the first, and after only 6 months had nearly 10,000 listeners with the audience growing at about 15% per month. The popularity of his podcasts has drawn the attention of Fortune 500 companies and he was one of the first to actually have advertisers on his podcast.

PODCASTING: Do It Yourself Guide
By Todd Cochrane
Published by Wiley
Publication Date: May 30, 2005
$19.99; Paperback; 314 pages; ISBN: 0-7645-9778-7

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