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Archive for September, 2007

My 9-11 Experience looking back

The morning of 9–11–2001 started by my mom phoning me and telling me to turn on the TV. It was still very early here in Hawaii. I was wide awake in about 10 seconds. It was not another minute or so when the second plane hit.

I told my wife a minute or two later to start packing my suitcase and I called work. As would be expected the base was on lock down already, and only essential people were being let in. I was essential so I got dressed pretty fast and got in the car and speed to work.

I think the next time I saw my wife was two days later, and I was only home to pick up my suitcase.

While I cannot talk about much that happened after that, or where I went, what I did, or what I saw. I can say that the missions and the flying will have memories that will last me a life time.

While I am no longer out doing what I do the best, I am proud to have done it while I did, and look back at my 24 years of active duty service with a lot of pride and look forward to the next phase of my life.

But until my next phase in life starts I am going to enjoy some down time re-charge my batteries. Meanwhile for those of you on the front lines go kick some ass, take some names and don’t ever let those evil bastards do this to our country ever again.

To those that protest about the war you better wake the hell up and remember that most of these fanatics don’t care if you protest all they want is you and your families dead.

Honolulu Super Ferry Fiasco

Over the past two weeks a very small group of protesters have brought to a halt the operations the new Honolulu Super Ferry. The protesters were able to ram rod a court decision that is doing nothing but serving the old guard transportation companies like Matson.

The Honolulu Super Ferry met every state guideline and rule required and yet for the first time a shipping company is being required to get an environmental impact study completed when they have the most green and advanced ship in our harbors.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see the ongoing political games that are going on here. This state is beyond anti-business. Being a business owner it shakes my resolve and confidence in a already over taxed and over regulated atmosphere.

If I were the Honolulu Super Ferry I would flip the legislature, the governor and the citizens of Hawaii the bird and leave. The impact would resonate for years and business here would be crippled.

If they resolve to stay then every company small or large that wants to open up shop here needs to be held to the same standard. See how long companies like Matson, Hawaiian Airlines and others would stay in business if they were required to do a environmental impact for every new ship or aircraft they put in service here in Hawaii.

Seeing how the folks in Maui and Kauai don’t want ships in their harbors, well lets see how loud they squeal when all shipping is halted into their island harbors while environmental studies are undertaken on every other vessel coming into their ports.

One week with no gasoline, no fresh milk or vegetables and other supplies and I can guarantee the small minority of liberal fanatics would shut their traps. When the power plants ran out of oil because of no deliveries, then those protesting can live with nature, by contributing to the environment their human waste as the sewage processing plants over flow with non processed sewage. Let them bury their garbage as well, as their will be no fuel for the garbage trucks.

This states legislatures, and annoited court judges all have failed this state in a significant way, and if the Honolulu Super Ferry leaves It will be their collective fault.