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Archive for October, 2004

Podcast of my Injury and some relections

I do not plan on putting up a regular podcast for this site but promised to produce one on my injury. Hope you enjoy it. [Injury Podcast]

Reflection on my Injury 4 months ago

It’s hard to believe that 4 months ago I was coping with a spine/vertebrae injury in which I was one of only 10% of the population to not suffer any paralysis. My recovery has been good considering the hardware in my back and having had to deal with a body brace for 3 months. Don’t get me wrong I am absolutely not complaining. When I was able to get online after my injury and read everything I could find on it, I knew life would have been much different if that bone spur that displaced my spinal cord by 60% had been sharp versus dull.

My family has a good friend and he has been paralyzed for over 35 years and when he told my mom told him of my injury and the pain that I endured he said take comfort in the pain because when I was propelled from my motorcycle and landed there was no pain. If that doesn’t make you sit back and appreciate life nothing will. Overall I am a inch shorter and physical therapy has been good. I can tie my shoes without grunting anymore and can actually almost touch my ankles.

My Cousin died a number of years ago from complications of her paralysis. With today’s news of Christopher Reeve death it makes me more than determined to do things to the best of my ability and to appreciate the small things like being able to tie my shoes.

I may do a personal Podcast and put it up on the net I have gotten pretty good at telling the story. Seems Doc Searls had a scare today also and you must think out all of your actions. [Doc Searls]

I read a piece today that is simply amazing. I would like all of you fence sitters out there and those thinking about voting for Senator Kerry to take 10 minutes and really read the linked article. If the piece does not make you sit up and really think about your choice nothing will. [Eject Eject Eject]

Citizen Smash cleans Kerrys clock

I was sitting down with a old salty retired sailor last night and we where talking about Senator Kerry and he made a comment that made me agree completely simply he said. “Were Fucked” if he is elected. Obviously his understanding of how the modern military works is very very dated. I have to agree and shudder to think of him as the next Commander in Chief.

Citizen Smash has hit the nail on the head with a very well written article and from my knowledge on the subject he is absolutely correct in his analysis and historical information. [The Indepundit]

Hello October

Wow where did the summer go. I will chalk up the summer of 2004 as a series of Highs and Lows. Luckily I am well on my way to full recovery it’s nice to be able to tie my own shoes again and the bad days are fewer than the good days. My doctor is pretty typical of most medical doctors these days in military medcine your just a number.

I am on the road again doing what I do best. My wife and I and the help of a bunch of good friends got us moved and we are settled into our new home and life is good. No complaints I’m walking and that is something to be very thankful for considering what happened.