Todd Cochrane*

Chief Executive Officer, RawVoice, Inc.

Todd is the Author of the award winning Podcasting The Do it Your Self Guide published in June 2005. His interest in podcasting has it roots from nearly 15 years of participating in different online communities. In 2002 he launched the popular technology news site Geek News Central, and has worked to build a significant readership. After learning about podcasting in October 2004 he quickly started his own podcast, and now has a popular technology news-based podcast that compliments his technology news site.

Todd’s understanding of changes to media distribution and consumption initiated the creation of, RawVoice Inc. in 2005 which he is the CEO, that swiftly launched a variety of unique commercial podcasting opportunities that include the Tech Podcast Network, Blubrry Podcast Community and the Podcaster News Network and Podcast Promos . Todd is also the visionary behind the People’s Choice Podcast Awards.

Todd was responsible for many of the very early podcasting advertising campaign which included bringing companies like GoDaddy and Citrix into the new media advertising space. His team developed the first media buyer advertising reporting system which has evolved into a new media statistics service offered by RawVoice as a white label solution for new media creators. Todd’s company now offers a wide variety of hosting and podcast publishing services and represents 3300+ new media creators. Todd’s role in the new media space is one of engagement built around the philosophy podcasters do the work podcasters get paid.

Todd resides in Hawaii with his wife and 4 children but travels worldwide consulting companies and individuals in the new media space.