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Archive for December, 2005

New York Times Most Blogged About Books of 2005

I am pretty proud that my book Podcasting The Do It Yourself Guide made the New York Times list of most blogged books of 2005. Was on the list at number 19, if you look at the other books in the list I would say that it faired pretty well. Big thanks to all those bloggers and podcasters that did reviews and talked about the book on their blogs.
[Most Blogged-About Books of 2005 New York Times]

Podcast Awards Trophies

I remembered that I had this picture sent to me, forgot all about it hard to believe their is $1300.00 in trophies sitting on that table.


Site Re-Design Completed

Well just like the Podcast Connect site I have been busy over here getting my personal blog all fixed up. Next on the list is the big daddy. TechPodcasts.com that will be a huge job as that site design is going to be radically different.