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Archive for March, 2004

Re-Elect President George W. Bush

<P>As a first time financial contributor to a presdential campain I think it is important to put one’s money where his mouth is. I encourage you if you feel so inclined to visit the Bush / Cheney weblog and sign up for their newsletters and to volunteer for the campain. Republican Bloggers need to stand together to support the President. [<A href=”http://www.georgewbush.com/Blog/”>Bush-Cheney Weblog</A>]</P>
<P>My six year was reading what I was typing here and telling me that George Bush is the president on the penny, laughing slightly I had to explain it to him, he did the ahh shucks I knew that. </P>

I have been so busy

<P>I have been so busy with my other sites I have had no time to work on this site which is sad. But those of you visiting the website will know who I am voting for this year.</P>

Republicans better get busy Blogging

If you are a Republican Blogger we better get busy posting what we think about Senator Kerry. The majority of the main-line bloggers are Democrats and are out for blood.