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Archive for September, 2006

The Anger of Death

I have been having a pretty bad week and deep down I know why. I told a co-worker the other day that I felt like a fist fight with someone would do me good. He kinda laughed but stopped when he realized I was pretty serious. As I have come to grips with my fathers death and all of trauma associated with it I understand that part of the mourning process is anger. I got a bit out of my system yesterday by going to the gym and beating up on a punching bag for about thirty minutes was nice to let the stress go but it was probably better than screaming at someone for no reason.

Deep in my heart I know he is in a better place but man it sure does not make it any easier here. Every person goes through this at some point and I guess I need to be happy that I had 42 wonderful years to know him and build my character from his influence and guidance.

It’s kinda weird people ask me all the time how I get everything done that I get done. It’s pretty simple I come from a family that knows how to work more than it knows how to play. I am easily frustrated with people who appear or are lazy. I also was raised with the understanding that nothing in this life comes easy generally everything is a challenge. I also realize that at some point this Anger phase will pass but the Irish comes out in me even now and I am still pretty mad about loosing him. I guess thats my way of dealing with it so if you run into me and I give you the stare you better move along quickly 🙂

My Podcast About my Dads Death

Show 200 was to be a celebration of technology instead I have decided to talk about, and celebrate my father who was killed in an auto accident two weeks ago. The regular show will be back next Tuesday. I made a decision to share with all of you my families experiences over the past two weeks. I thank you for your indulgence in this podcast.

News Link:
Photos of Accident
News Story
News Story

Home Front Update

First I want to thank the 3000 plus people who sent condolences e-mail, voice mail and private phone calls. The outpouring of support has been unbelievable. There will be no way I will ever be able to answer all the e-mails but I do want to say Thank You, your support has been incredible.

As an update we arrived at my mothers home on Tuesday morning. The number of people that were their supporting her was awe inspiring. We all quickly got to work taking care of arrangements, not only did we have a funeral to plan with the myriad of details that need to be dealt with we also had a surviving niece in Intensive Care 3 plus hours away that even tonight is not out of the woods with significant spine, head and abdominal injuries. So your thoughts and prayers towards her recovery is appreciated.

This tragic event happened at the busiest time of the year for of my parents business, (they are produce brokers) with two coolers full of produce. The largest cooler is 64ft by 32ft and 18ft high and is nearly full of peaches, apples and pears which were all scheduled for delivery this week. With the largest delivery truck destroyed in the accident and with their operation having been a 2 man show, we now have a monumental task ahead of us in the coming days as we try to get the product delivered before it spoils in the bins and get cooler cleared before a 1000 bushels of fresh picked peaches arrive Tuesday.

As we have dealt with this loss as so many others have I must say I was nearly brought to my knees on Thursday when we had almost a 1000 friends, family, customers and of course family show up during the visitation period, it was an experience that I will never forget everyone waited for hours to talk to immediate family members. It really helped in the grieving process and reaffirmed what I already knew about my father.

As I close this out for now as we have a very long weekend ahead of us I again want to say thanks again for all the support and kind words. Hold your children tight and make sure that you make the best of every day that is given to you.