For the past three years I have had to write the state of Hawaii a big fat check… That check is for General Excise Tax.. But what is so very painful is that the only reason I have to pay it is that I Live in Hawaii is my Business is registered here.

But here is the thing that pisses me off 99.999999% of the business I do is outside the state of Hawaii. Every check I receive comes from a company in the mainland. 100% of the money that I expend is also spent outside the state of Hawaii.

So because I live here I get screwed. The choice I have is simple. Close the business here in Hawaii and move it to the mainland this would result in me keeping literally thousands upon thousands of dollars in my pocket.

The state of Hawaii does not help me with my business. The residents of Hawaii get no benefit of my business here. I do no business with companies in the state of Hawaii. But because I live here and choose to work from home my company is sucked dry each quarter by paying the state.

I don’t think it’s fair. If I was doing business locally and had local clients then I understand, but for anyone that has clients and companies they do business with in the mainland exclusively then having your business registered in the state of Hawaii will cost you a pile of money. Don’t so it.

The liberal policies of this state is anti-business unless you have a company thats employees are part of a union.

To top it off it looks like Obama is gonna be elected and because of his plans I am looking at significantly larger Tax bill when his policies are put in place. It’s really to bad people have forgotten what Jimmy Carter did to this country and it looks like history is set to repeat itself.