I read today that the Mayor of the City of Seattle has applied to take part in Google Fiber for Communities. Being Hawaii has so very few broadband choices and the service we do have has not advanced very much in the past 12 years. I think this is exactly what is needed to bring some awareness to what is possible through a very high speed Internet connection.

With a 1gbps pipe I could run a 24/7 live Internet TV station with a lot of bandwidth to spare. Time Warner here in Hawaii has been very very slow in rolling out more bandwidth. Sometimes I feel like we live in a third world country. I travel to Japan and or the mainland and am astonished at the bandwidth speeds my techie friends are able to subscribe to.

I would hope that my friends and neighbors here in Makakilo will submit our communities name to the list Google is compiling for consideration of the roll-out of 1gbps fiber internet connectivity.