Went to see my Neurology doctor today, and after him asking me about 50 questions, taping on my knee’s and various other places and sending me to Radiology for 3 separate x-rays and over to the Brace shop to order me what’s called a LCL which supposedly cost about $5000.00 he gave me the thumbs up to return to work tomorrow.

I am a bit apprehensive as I still cannot sit straight up for long periods. Guess I will be taking frequent breaks. Hopefully I can keep up with the pace my job demands. I am not looking forward to spending 6 more weeks in the brace but hey it could have been much worse. Supposedly the LCL will be more comfortable. The attendant that measured me said I will loose about 10 pounds during the first month sounds good to me already lost 10 in the first brace and the wife is jealous. Physical Therapy will be lite for the first 6 weeks then he is going to cut them loose on me.. Oh boy!