Today reading a report of a flight from Detroit to Los Angles raised the hair on the back of my neck. I will let you read the article but I will make this point. American Airlines, United Airlines has clear stated policies about congregating in the back of the aircraft. I used to like and stand a lot during flights but have respected the wishes of the airlines and stayed in my seat. I am not sure how the folks on this flight kept calm but I would have been ready to rumble if I had be on the flight. This story is going to shock you. []

Update: Seems this is the story of the day and a bunch of people have weighed in. The story thus far is checking out and will more than likely be hitting major news outlets shortly. I am linking to some site that have interesting takes on the article. [Michelle Malkin] [Blogingham] [Instapundit Part 1] [Instapundit Part 2]