That’s a damn scary thought not sure why I used New York in my title, I guess it’s the farthest city away from Honolulu. It very well could be Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas gulp Honolulu or any other number of big cities. The death toll and destruction not to mention the probable start of World War III would be upon us.

The nightmare would not only be ours it would also be the nightmare of a handful of countries leaders that could start counting the days before we come to get them. Leaders in countries that support terrorism have to be scared to death of the possibility of one of their groups or even UBL doing such a deed as I could ponder that a few countries will be under new ownership before it’s over, and the American public is not going to be so upset over human rights violations.

God forbid something this terrible happening. My parents lived the Cuban Missile Crises when they where first married. I grew up understanding the meaning of the cold war and had my life very much affected by the events of 9-11. I keep things in sharp perspective but lets face it someone is going to let the Jeanie out of the bottle at some point just to prove they can. Let’s just hope that our defenses are good enough to stop them before they can deliver the payload.