Site Notices for the Dense:

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* However, should you feel that you have some sort of right to determine what should and shouldn’t be printed here, you can feel free to supply a monthly (bi-weekly works as well) check made out to the owner of the site, making you his boss and securing an agreement that he will answer to you and allow you to make editorial decisions. The check would have to be a sufficient amount that would be worth the owner of this site giving up his personal freedom to post what he wants, when he wants. In other words, keep your editorial comments to yourself.

* Once again, the owner of this site would like to reiterate that this site is totally, completely biased and makes no apologies for it, nor should he. He pays the pays for the bandwidth, He pays for the hosting fees, he does this all on his spare time for free and if you really want to complain about free ice cream, he suggests that you can take that ice cream and – to put it nicely – fornicate yourself with it.

Thank you, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

I could not resist posting this thanks to asmallvictory a great daily read for you conservatives out there