I have been searching for a website designer to do some work for quite awhile and had a fast response from a gentleman today. Hopefully we can get this site and a couple of others looking better with some customization and better graphics.

I am using MT version 3 on this site as I used a canned template but the Geek News site has to be cleaned up before I can roll it over and use the new version and from what I have read on the developers site he looks like he is the perfect candidate to do the job.

I also have registered a couple of domain names that I will keep under wraps for now but they are Navy Centric and will revolve around being a Chief Petty Officer (my perspective). I will have to be careful with what I say on the new site and have to come up with some personal posting guidelines. I am still active duty and what you say can hurt you so I will need to keep that in perspective.