I saw a political advertisement today that was depressing. Everything I hear coming out of the man is doom and gloom. I keep hearing things he doesn’t like about Bush but he has nothing come out of his mouth about his own agenda.

After reviewing his voting record recently I am quite convinced that having this man in office would not be at all good for this country. Being Hawaii is about 60% democrat it is always fun to attend family events as the only Republican in the crowd and when we start talking politics I am amazed at what people say and when I challenge their facts on things and we go and look things up on the Internet I get a lot of shocked faces when the fact they are stating is wrong. Many times I hear that they learned this in union newsletters. The unions here in Hawaii must have political indoctrination meetings. I am going to try and score some union newsletters to see what kind of BS they are putting out.

I support George W. Bush for re-election. You need to visit his website today and look at a Video they have posted it is quite eye opening.