<P>Watching the News over the past few days has left me with a very sick feeling in my stomach. I am terribly upset at what has transpired in an Prison in IRAQ. I am very sure the Army will hold those that are responsible accountable, my emotions cry out that these individuals have betrayed the trust they where intrusted with. </P>
<P>My personal feeling is that these idiots have done significant damage&nbsp;and have opened up a&nbsp;Pandora’s box. Do they not realize that the proper treatment of prisoners as outlined by the Geneva Convention is of the highest priority. What happens when&nbsp;the next military member&nbsp;is detained. Will he&nbsp;or she be subjected to torture because of the&nbsp;alleged&nbsp;actions. I cannot express publicly what I think should happen but needless to say the UCMJ will be brought to bear on these individuals. </P>
<P>I am ashamed when the President of the United States has to go on television to express his disgust. I can guarantee you when a President is Upset shit is going to roll downhill in a big way and I am sure there will be a very public prosecution of these individuals.</P>
<P>The United States Navy and the United States Marines live by&nbsp;the motto “Honor, Courage &amp; Commitment” these ideals shape our daily actions. I think the Army will need to step back and look at their Value system. The job we have been ordered to do is one that the majority of us support. The majority of us strive to do that job with the value system that has been instilled in us. It is a very sad day to have witnessed what the world has witnessed and should be a wake up call that you do not win the hearts and minds of people by the mistreatment of prisoners.</P>
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