<P>My co-workers and I are sitting in a mall food court today when a man holding his Son’s hand walks by us and says. “Son when you see Americans you need to run away and hide your sister as they will kill you”. All three of us about fell over. The man was wearing traditional Arab wear which from his clothing indicated he was from Saudi Arabia. He then turned around and made similar comments very close to us in a very large voice.</P>
<P>A equally shocked store clerk from the country we are visiting and a Filipino worker who was cleaning tables both turned and where about speechless. The store clerk was so upset that he got on his cell phone and called the police worried that the man would come and attack us. We quickly de-fused the situation by leaving the mall and proceeded back to our residence. I must say that I did take a few minutes to look under the car to make sure it did not go boom when we turned the key on.</P>
<P>I have traveled in Europe and the Middle East for 20 years and this was the first Anti-American comment I have ever heard directed at me. The man was obviously angry and what is even more depressing is that his son was no more than 4-5 years old. He clutched his Fathers leg and looked at us like we where the devil. There is a young boy that will grow up in a home that in 20 years will be blowing himself up against an American target because of his Father’s deep hatred for Americans.</P>