<P>I am 100% disgusted with Dave Winer over at Scripting News. I would love to leave him a comment on his site but he doesn’t have the sack to leave a comment button. He has said that he is not bothered when people compare <A href=”http://archive.scripting.com/2004/01/05#When:7:03:57PM”>Adolf Hitler to our President</A>.&nbsp;&nbsp;To agree with such a comparison is absolutely disgusting the man has no credibility. It goes to show how desperate the Left Wing Liberals are as&nbsp;they know down in their heart that they are totally screwed. Dean will be their candidate and he has a snowballs chance in Hell in winning in desperation they support what other lunatics are saying about our President.</P>
<P>Can you imagine the quagmire we would be in today if Al Gore had been president. Thank God we have the man that we do in office and you can damn well be sure that I am going to vote for him in November as his leadership will ensure that my children will live in a safer world.</P>