<P>Time magazine has announced the Time person of the year as “The American Soldier” which is terrific but what troubles me about this is the wording. They refer that the award is for all American&nbsp;Military personnel&nbsp;well&nbsp;Hello Marines are not called Soldiers, Navy personnel are not called Soldiers, Airforce personnel are not called Soldiers only people in the US Army are called soldiers so they have there wording incorrect if they are trying to give credit to all American Military.</P>
<P>Many Marines, Navy, Airforce and even Coast Guard personnel&nbsp; hung there asses out on the line. Times has insulted 75% of the military by lumping all branches of service into calling all of them American Soldiers. Now if they where honoring just Army people that would be cool. Maybe I am reading more into this than I should but there where a lot of us out there&nbsp;in the fight&nbsp;it was not a 100% Army show.</P>