<P>What a vacation, terrific visit with the family and we spent some time traveling in the tri-state area of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio plus we went an spent some time in Chicago. It was terrific to unplug from the Internet and spend quality time with the kids. On a sadder note my grandmother sight continues to get worse and I am afraid that she could be totally blind at some point. Both of my grandparents on my mom’s side of the family are in there 90’s and I guess I should be thankful that they are as in good shape as they are. The hearing aids that my grandfather got has actually allow him to hear things he has been missing for years. I am hopeful that they get some domestic help to do some of those things around the house that have begun to slip. Makes me feel guilty being all these miles away and not being able to help. My Dad’s parents are in pretty good shape considering the problems they have had.</P>
<P>Getting older is a bitch and as I look in the mirror I am not getting any younger. I guess it goes without saying you better do your best the first time around. I am hoping that by the time I am 90 we can just plug-in and download the gray matter between our ears. Otherwise I am not hedging my bets.</P>