<P>Back home at last and finally a real vacation is just around the corner. With Shoko almost 6 months pregnant we are excited to get away before she gets to the point where she will want to stay close to home. This is the first real vacation we have had in 5 years I am keeping the kids out of school and taking them to see the Grandparents, my sister and her kids along with the Great Grandparents. My sisters husband is currently deployed in Japan and my sister will be joining us in Hawaii and getting her house setup prior to his arrival off of deployment. I on the otherhand hopefully will be home for a spell and will actually get to enjoy my house. I have only been home 7 days since early May and I am ready to sleep in my own bed and get caught up with my kids.</P>
<P>We are going to hit Chicago and various other venues in the greater Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois area. Although only 20 days long we will try and stay busy. But anyway I have not posted to this site in some time as I have just been to plain busy with Geek News Central it’s success has truly astounded me. Will update you on what is happening when we get back.</P>