<P>It has been quite a long time since I have posted anything to this site. I have been as busy as one could be. Having wrapped up what I was doing in Texas and then only being home a week and back on the road again it has been a very full summer. I am really looking forward to the vacation I am going to be taking in September. I will be going to my class reunion and seeing old friends plus I am going to be scouting out Pensacola as we are thinking about trying to get orders there next. I have to make a decision on what I am going to try and do by November. Some very deep soul searching is going to be needed. I can go 2 ways I can go overseas to a demanding short billet or I can come back to the mainland and be an Instructor. Or find a desk job that is easy and finish my degree and get ready to retire and start on another carreer</P>
<P>The Navy has been good to me and at best I have 6 years left before I will be put out to pasture. The past 5 1/2 years have been the most rewarding of all and words cannot describe what I have accomplished and seen. But a decision will have to be made soon and hopefully it is the correct one. With guidance from those above me I will work it all out.</P>