<P>Your Not Going to believe this.</P>
<P>We announced to the world via this website and several others on Mothers Day that we had found out the week prior that my wife was expecting. Up to that point we had told only a few friends. We withheld the big surprise for the grandparents on Mothers You will not believe what I found in the mail today! Read on.</P>
<P>So here’s the background on April 28th we decide we better go down to the local supermarket and get one of those home pregnancy kits. The wife pays for the purchase with a Visa Checking Card. She comes home and we do the test the morning of the 29th. Results are positive, so a call goes into our Doctors office to make the appointment to get an official test done. She goes in late on the 29th submits the sample as she is leaving minus the results the doctor gives her a prescription to pre-natal vitamins when she leaves the doctors office goes to the pharmacy and picks up the vitamins. She goes to the Pharmacy and gets the prescription. Note: My insurance requires no money change hands just the insurance card etc. On the morning of the 30th we find out the official lab results which are also positive. Then we sit on this information for the next 10 days to try and give everyone an extra surprise on Mothers day.</P>
<P>My youngest child is 5 thus we have no babies in the house at the moment. So what do we find in the mail today the 13th of May? Check this out! A card that say Congratulations Baby (our last name) with an offer to subscribe to Parenting magazine. We have never had a subscription to this magazine. SO how in the hell did Parenting magazine find out my wife was pregnant so quick. </P>
<P>My bet is on the Visa checking credit card. I will be calling the associated bank in the morning and reviewing our privacy settings. I explicitly went to all of my banks last year and made sure those accounts were locked down. I will be expecting an answer from them on this. Someone is going to give me the info I am looking for, as I will find out hell or high water how parenting magazine was able to get this info so quick.</P>
<P>Being I am in Hawaii and mail takes about 5-7 days to get here the data had to be gleaned from the purchase of the pregnancy test. But here’s the kicker what if the test had been negative? Did this purchase tip the CC marketing company to query my Insurance Company and her picking up the prenatal vitamins confirmed the pregnancy? </P>
<P>A bit surprising to say the least to get this in the mail less than 2 weeks since we have had the results. I knew that these companies are good but geez I am totally surprised. I also checked the Internet Explorer history files and the wife has not been visiting baby sites. Being she is a pro at this having kids thing she said that there was no need to go looking for information.</P>
<P>If you find this as surprising as I do drop me a line and let me know what you think. Also I know the Info did not get released via the Doctors office as they have a strict privacy policy in place. But I wonder if the Lab is so inclined not to release results like this. Makes you wonder ehhh…</P>