<P>Waco Texas what a wonderful place ;( here I sit and the wife and kids are headed for Tokyo tomorrow. Very depressing I am so spoiled by Hawaii that I have forgotten how utterly boring it can be. Waco Texas is kind of a weird town. Large in size but it seems everyone knows everyone if your a outsider it is difficult to break into the inner circles that people develop here. There is also is seems an alarming number of people that drink and drive. I am unsure what the local Police are up to but they do not pay much attention to the alcoholics. Baylor University is just down the street from the Hotel I am staying and all I can say is this traditional Southern Baptist school is no different than any other University in the United States. By the amount of money these kids spend I would venture to say that most of them don’t have to work very hard. But I do see some earning there keep in traditional college jobs. </P>
<P>I just haven’t been able to place my finger on the pulse of this town though. I have spent considerable amount of time here but it is just weird. I do know one thing the town is in need of a place that doesn’t play country music. Every damn place I go in is playing country. Now don’t get me wrong I like Country but jeez they need to get a clue. Country 4-5 couples dancing for 45 minutes then they throw on some top 40 and the dance floor fills up. But you can tell the DJ’s are clueless. They need to travel around a&nbsp;little and get a clue. </P>
<P>I could guarantee from my previous DJ experience where I was pulling in capacity crowds at the clubs I worked which the smallest had a capacity of 750 and the largest 2500 we always had people at the door waiting. I tried giving a guy a hint the other night but he would not listen. I could make someone a but-load of money in this town they just need to wake up.</P>
<P>The Hotel is decent it’s a Residence Inn I am a bit pissed that they are not honoring the military rate and I will be paying out of pocket a little which is ok as I am making it up in food cost savings. The rest of the hotels here in Waco are pretty standard and no others offers suites that have kitchens. It was hard to find one with a fridge and microwave. </P>
<P>The place I am working is off tomorrow for Memorial Day I think I will drive up to Dallas and see if I can find something to do. There is absolutely nothing to do here thats for sure. I also wish hotels would hurry up and get with the program I need broadband bad and I am stuck on dial-up that max’s out at 24.4 which sucks ass.</P>