<P>Most conservatives cringe when&nbsp;they read some of the biased stories in the news or watch some of the news stories being reported. I get so disgusted that I tune the coverage out. Well apparently that some top level editors are trying to irradicate reporting bias. I am all about fair and balanced repoting. Which is the Fox News Channels slogan. If a reporter reports both sides of the story without bias, prejeduce and gives both sides equal coverage so long as those they are quoting are credible most people can make a educated decision on the story. </P>
<P>Obviously political agendas and extremist can never be persuaded one way or the other but those people are truly ignorant in that they fail to even try and find out the truth. </P>
<P>But I am very proud a editor in California who had the courage to send a stern memo to his underlings at the paper reports for. [<A href=”http://www.laobserved.com/carrollmemo.html”>L.A. Observed</A>]</P>