<P>We waited until the flowers for Mothers day where delivered to make an announcement to our families via a hidden URL on our website thru the enclosed card. Earlier last week I said I had big news to impart to everyone and not to get to excited. Well we have been pretty excited but we announced it with some clues, one of the clues was 3+3=6 and 3+4=7 and some other neat stuff. Well for those of you puzzled, my mom and dad currently have 6 grandchildren and in January we are expecting to increase that number by 1 thus the 3+4=7. Obviously we and they are completely elated. I have rolled back into the over protective husband roll. But this will be it for us. I will be going thru the outpatient procedure that starts with a “V” anyway we will keep you updated here from time to time. With a 13 yr old from a previous marriage and 2 that are 6 and 5 and soon to be newborn</P>
<P>But most of the pregnancy news will go on the personal site. I plan on blogging the hell out of this. What a way for a kid in 10 year&nbsp; to read about what dad was thinking about before, during and after birth cool ehhh.</P>