<P>Well here&nbsp;I am again at 35,000 feet headed towards LAX for a 5 day trip with 3 cities in as many days. It was supposed to be a 2 city trip but something came up aand now a easy 5 days turned into pure hell. </P>
<P>If all goes well I will be back in Honolulu saturday afternoon meanwhile I rack up another 6-7 thousand frequent flyer miles. But the way the trip is setup I will be on&nbsp;3 different carriers. Shoko cashed in some free miles recently and we were ablt to get 2 round trip tickets to Okinawa while having to pay for one which was about $800.00 so not bad considering the damages could have been around $2400.00</P>
<P>I spent some free time this week re-designing the <A href=”http://www.cochranefamily.net/”>Cochrane Family Website</A> and thus far it looks damn good. We incorporated a Movable Type weblog into the news section so it will be much easier for me to update as needed. </P>
<P>I have been working on drumming up some new editors for the Geek News Central website as my schedule is going to be very crazy over the next several months and I do not want content to suffer. We have built up quite a following and if I don’t drive them away&nbsp;because of &nbsp;my slap shot the site should continue to grow.</P>
<P>I am originally from Michigan and even though I live in Hawaii and travel a great deal it seems my travels either have me on the west coast or overseas, I havent been back home in 3-4 years and I feel the need to go home and stretch my legs out for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze this in sometime this summer. </P>
<P>Shoko and the kids are headed to Okinawa at the end of May and will not be back for 2 months so hopefully as soon as they get home we will be able to sneak out and take a vacation. I would like to take 3 weeks but we will see what the schedule allows for.</P>
<P>Hopefully United doesn’t lose my luggage as I am really going to be a moving target for the next couple of days.</P>