<P>Have you ever been so frickin tired that you could hardly navigate. I swear I have been running on reserve power for the last&nbsp;20 months and I need a vacation like it’s going out of style With 70 some vacation days on the books I need to burn some vacation time. I guess when I’m dead I will get caught up on sleep as there is no time to sleep now. I have vowed that if I do get some vacation time I am going to leave my Cell, Laptop and PDA at home.</P>
<P>I am unsure why I do this to myself but besides my regular&nbsp;<A href=”http://www.navy.com/”>Job</A> and keeping&nbsp;<A href=”http://www.geeknewscentral.com/”>Geek News Central</A> updated,&nbsp;I have had 3 huge projects in work for about a week now.</P>
<P>#1 Is the FaceLift of BBS Networks <A href=”http://www.bbsnets.com/public/beta.htm”>here is a beta</A> of what it is going to look like. It has been running the same basic design for about 5 years and I’m sick of it.</P>
<P>#2 I am scraping the curren&nbsp;<A href=”http://www.cochranefamily.net/”>Cochrane Family</A> site and have done a hell of a job with the re-modeling&nbsp;here is a <A href=”http://www.cochranefamily.net/beta/index.htm”>sneak&nbsp;peak</A>&nbsp;it is&nbsp;just a shell at this point but will get it populated&nbsp;over the next few dayd and when it is ready we will roll it out.</P>
<P>#3 I am not sure I will get it done this year but I have went looking for some help. My <A href=”http://www.bbsnets.com/”>BBS</A> still has several 1000 visitors each day but most miss our biggest feature. We have nearly 1/2 million shareware files on-line. Three or four years ago I purchased the domain <A href=”http://www.filearchive.net/”>filearchive.net</A> and have not really developed it. As it&nbsp;is just pointed at the&nbsp;bbsnets.com domain.</P>
<P>&nbsp;But a certain fellow in California rolled out a site today he has been sitting on for awhile and I think we may do the same but it is going to be a huge undertaking as I need to find a net aware software package that will work with my current storage structure. It was a daunting challenge 5 years ago but it’s not so bad now as technolgy and out of the box software packages are much more diverse. My main man down in Floridia could solve our dilema with a week’s worth of work on a current package I am currently running but he can’t stop development to change the package at this time.</P>
<P>Meanwhile considering the world situation I am keeping real busy. Since my promorion last year I have had about twice the workload and I thought I had a lot going on before.</P>