<P>Many of you Ladies hate Cigars. Every man needs a vice and my alloted 1 or 2 cigars a month is I suppose my vice. My Patio at home is the best place. My dad and I built it&nbsp;2 years ago and I don’t get to use it as often as I do. But&nbsp;oh boy is it nice to sit on that Patio and smoke a Cigar.</P>
<P>I had been doing major battel with over that patio with the housing association. It took a year but I did not roll over to the libeal pinkos. But now all of my neghibors are using our floor plans and building there own patio. The housing authority was not used to someone fighting them but we won thats the major thing. So the next time I smoke a cigar in my bug/pest freePatio I will be effectively throwing the bird at those assholes. Now where the dart board I need to get that mounted up. I have a TV out there the Wifi reaches and all I need is a keg keeper and I will be in heaven. I may not have a garage but by god I have a patio. Hmm I wonder if we can mount some tools to the wall 😉 nah need to keep it civil so the wife can entertain.</P>