I usually do not publish personal information on her but the post I am going to reference is worth making some correlations. I have been married going on 9 years, my wife is from Okinawa Japan. I had to laugh tonight when I found a site that talks about Japanese customs. I have been traveling to Japan for 20 years and have many business/personal contacts thus I have learned some of these strict customs the hard-way. My father-in-law owns a large company and is the company president. He is picked up by a driver I have had the opportunity to hang out with him numerous times and have observed formal meetings and have participated in the business courtship in bars and restaurants. As a foreigner there is always the opportunity to sing Karaoke and have business people practice English on me. For many years I was amazed at there work ethic and wondered how they worked all day partied all night and still made it to work the next day. The experience for the non initiated can be gruesome especially when the sake is still flowing at 3am and you have to be back in the office at 7. The average American Business man would collapse after a couple of weeks of this but you learn to pace yourself. The culture and traditions are very in-depth and one would have to study for many years to fully appreciate the Japanese culture. [<A href=”http://www.nora-krug.com/bowl/”>How to Bow, Drink and Visit a Home in Japan</A>]