<P>CNN owes every dead Iraqi that was killed by the Regime and every dead military person a profuse apology. They should crawl on there knee’s head bowed and ask forgivness from each and every family. Their revealed actions makes me sick. I hope the people involved loose a lot of sleep. If there ever was a reason to wonder why people do not trust ordinary news sources. [<A href=”http://www.nytimes.com/2003/04/11/opinion/11JORD.html”>New York Times</A>]</P>
<P>If they had reported things as they really where maybe the President would not have had such a hard time raising support. Shows you the almighty dollar drives everything even if people get killed. I watch Fox the majority of the time but I have just locked out CNN on my cable box. Good riddance.</P>
<P>I apologize for breaking our geek thread but I had to rant.</P>