<P>I am about sick of hearing North Korea talking smack. I read an article today that said they were going to detonate a nuclear weapon in American cities if we attack them. Are they stark raving mad. Do they have any idea what we could do to them. I know the world is short on parking space but I would hate to have to see Japan have to deal with the nuclear fallout. I think we need to send some Prozac to the North Korean Dictator. What is even more amazing is that the Chinese are allowing these fools to do what they are doing. The Chinese need to go jack slap these idiots. </P>
<P>So far as Iraq goes well we all have pretty much seen the writing on the wall. His days are numbered and the Iraqi people are going to be set free. I predict they will fold like a deck of cards in under 72 hours. Saddam will be dead or in exile and we will be on the road to cleaning this mess up in the middle east. But I can imagine the Saudi’s are scared to death. I wonder how they will deal with a Democratic Iraq.</P>
<P>God Bless America the home of the strong.</P>