<P>To bad I can’t do this in real time. Here I am at 35,000 feet headed for Honolulu and we have a real life CNN moment getting ready to take place. These 2&nbsp;idiot’s that&nbsp;are sitting directly in front of me got on the aircraft drunk as a skunk.&nbsp;They slipped by the stew’s and as soon as we take-off what ever he has been&nbsp;drinking prior to our 11am departure is catching up with him. As soon as wheels were up one them&nbsp;bolts for the head and after about 90 minutes the stew ask his co-hort to go se if he is ok.</P>
<P>Well he comes back to his seat with a lot more color in his face and I can tell this boy is going to be hurting before the flight is over as he is consuming mass quantities of water. Well to top it off and I am just about losing my mind the drink cart comes by and the stew serves the one that has been holding his own another beer. This pisses me off more than the two drunks.</P>
<P>So we shall see how the flight goes. I have flown hung over before and so long as you have a liberal amount of water to drink you can recover but these 2 are going to get to feel a hangover like they have never had before. :)</P>