<P>I am sitting here eating my lunch. During my trip to Texas I was working out at the gym and trying to be healthy. Not an easy thing to do in Texas but I did manage to loose around 5 pounds during the month so I feel pretty good about it. The wife and I decided to try the Atkins Diet for a couple of months. We are day 2 into our 14 day induction cycle so we shall see how receptive I am to everything at day 14. But I want to shed another 10 to 20 pounds and if I can do that over the next 3-4 months I will be happy. I think the key is exercise. My goal is to be able to work out 5 days a week for at least 45 minutes each day. This will mean waking up at 4 versus 5 so that I can get the work-out done and into work on time. </P>
<P>When I was younger I was in terrific shape but after 20 years of playing hard and not enough exercise has left me a little heavier than I want to be. Considering everything I can’t complain. I have weighed around 185 for the past 10 years but recently that number keep creeping&nbsp; up a little higher. If I could get down to around 175 and maintain that weight I would be happy. Not sure what the national medium weight for 5′ 10″ is but I figure 175 is a good goal.</P>
<P>We shall see and I will keep you posted on the battle of the bulge.</P>