<P>12:10 am I get in bed and instantly asleep, RING RING RING RING RING ohhh thats the phone.Hello? Chief Cochrane this is the duty office I need you to come in immediately the sprinklers upstairs are going off. ??? (it is now 0100) Is there a fire? No they just went off. Be right in.&nbsp;</P>
<P>So I get dressed and drive like a mad man to work. As I roll up to the hanger fire trucks and cop cars are parked outside and a monson wall of water is cascading down from within. First thing that my mind process’s is why are the sprinklers still going off. I live 20 miles away and I was not the first person that was called and almost a hour has passed. They get the water shut-off finally and I make my way upstairs to look at the pending doom. I open the door to the hallway and about 3 inches of water runs out, suprisingly&nbsp;things are not looking that bad. Turns out that the sprinkler system is zoned and the second floor where 90% of our computers and records have been spared minus the flooding.</P>
<P>Then I realize as I am walking down the hallway that the power is still on and there are a shitload of power strips plugged in all over the place and then I have the feeling that I better back up and go find the circuit breaker panel. Then I wonder what has happened to computers hooked up to power strips that are submerged. I cringe thinking about the 100 or so gigs of data that is backed up on a secondary drive within the same computer in my workspace and say to myself that probably wasnt a good idea.</P>
<P>Anyway after we get the power shutoff, we find varied levels of destruction of PC’s forunately when I open the door to my office we seem to have had the forsight to have all of the UPS’s and power strips off the floor and my PC are all safe and not smoking holes. My paperwork is safe I say a small prayer “thank you lord”. We will have to sit down now and figure out how to safeguard 20 years worth of work that is largley in paper form that have 100’s of thousands of man-hours invested. </P>
<P>5 hours later and we are still cleaning up but my data and my archives are safe. Others were not so fortunate but we are hoping that we will be able to recover hard drives etc. Not feeling to bad for being awake for 36 hours. Now the regular workday must continue.</P>
<P>Fine Navy Day</P>