<P>Well here I am at 39,000 feet on an American Airlines Flight headed for Dallas / Ft Worth and having just eaten something that I would not feed my dog I am bit disturbed. My wife is pissed my kids are mad and I’m thristy and need some water. (Dummy me forgot a water bottle) The way they are rationing it you would think it was in short supply.</P>
<P>The 2 weeks I had in Hawaii were not necessarily spent at home I was at work the majority of the time and my kids thought I was gone as they were in bed when I went to work and in bed came home. The weekend I got to spend with them went to quick and when I broke the news that I had to travel&nbsp;again the mood went from fun to reserved. My boy sulked and my daughter&nbsp;is plain mad. Not to mention how the wife feels.</P>
<P>After 5 years of traveling 250+ days per year they have&nbsp;a right to be mad. But duty calls and hopefully this trip will go off as scheduled. </P>