<P>We have all been watching the news and when officials in this country start saying some of the things they have been saying for the past week I think it behooves us to listen. If you haven’t followed the precautions that they have been outlining then I think it would be worth the minimal amount of money outlay to try and protect those you love and care for. God forbid one would have to tape up ones house but the alternative could be death if your not prepared. If it turns out that nothing happens then you will have some duct tape and plastic to use around the house and yard. I bet gas mask will start selling good. If anyone has a good location to buy a military quality gas mask and canister drop us a line. I wonder if you can even buy a quality gas mask on-line.</P>
<P>Keep your eyes open and stay vigilant. <A href=”http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A59412-2003Feb11.html”>Washington Post</A></P>