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I read a piece today that is simply amazing. I would like all of you fence sitters out there and those thinking about voting for Senator Kerry to take 10 minutes and really read the linked article. If the piece does not make you sit up and really think about your choice nothing will. [Eject Eject Eject]

Citizen Smash cleans Kerrys clock

I was sitting down with a old salty retired sailor last night and we where talking about Senator Kerry and he made a comment that made me agree completely simply he said. “Were Fucked” if he is elected. Obviously his understanding of how the modern military works is very very dated. I have to agree and shudder to think of him as the next Commander in Chief.

Citizen Smash has hit the nail on the head with a very well written article and from my knowledge on the subject he is absolutely correct in his analysis and historical information. [The Indepundit]

President Bush does not mince

<P>President Bush does not mince words and I really respect people like that. I would rather hear the truth than have someone kiss my backside. We all know the American Press is about as worthless as 2 tits on a boar hog. Some of them get it right but the majority take bits and pieces of sound bites and make it fit into a story.</P>
<P>The American public is so fickle they cannot open their blinders long enough to see what is happening in the rest of the world. The press see a lot of it but they never report it. So I think the President hit the nail on the head with some recent comments he made in response to a reporters question. [<A href=””>Instapundit</A>]</P>

People have Eyes

I think&nbsp;the referenced article&nbsp;has hit the nail on the head as to why the majority of Americans like President George Bush, the article is such that even non Republicans can understand why he is so popular [<A href=”″>WSJ</A>]