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I am very saddened by a story I have read today where a Iraq Veteran was called a baby killer and murderer during a 4th of July parade. Shame on those people everyone has their right to a opinion but do not start Vietnam tactics and insult the boys coming home. [Seattle PI]

Seems several right leaning Bloggers where able to get press credebtials to the Democratic National Convention seems the DNC got cold feet and sent them a e-mail and canceled their credentials this is after they booked plane tickets and hotels. [INDC Journal] [John Tabin]

Bunch of Indian Givers

Looking for about 10 Republicans

I am looking for 10 Republican bloggers for a project this project will be fast tracked launched within 10 days if I find the right people to help me with it. If you are interested send me a note at If you have written anything political on your own site provide me some links.

This is a very very serious endeavor and will draw significant traffic through the election.

Chat on the RNC Chat server

I had a great chat with a handful of people tonight on the RNC chat server. Great conversation about half politics and half about life. To that special Navy family in Wisconsin my prayers are with you and your husbands medical battle.

I will be checking in their from time to time and encourage those of you that want to talk politics or just meet some new friends to register and login. I am also looking for people here in Hawaii to join my RNC team.